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WELL HELLO THERE! Thank you for visiting our Tulsa senior portrait samples. We are Tulsa, Oklahoma based senior portrait photographers. With an extensive career in fashion, celebrity, lifestyle pictures.  John and his crew have the adeptness to create beautiful lighting sets and the technical acuteness to produce the most elegant lighting schemes, We consistently rises above and beyond his clients expectations. We specialize in senior portrait photography. Our portraits show the world what a special person you are, we know how to bring out your best features thru lightings and the best angles that make you look amazing. Our "Pictures" sell them selves NO HIGH PRESSURE selling  NO TRICKS you know how much you are going to spend up front. ​

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 All minor retouching is free (skin blemishes stray hair fly away ect.) the wallets are round corner die cut full size. 
Price list  Studio and on-location portrait photography specializing in high school senior portraiture. A 1 Tulsa Photo 918 808 6092 Jamil Gotcher has a lot of fresh ideas she photographs with a Fashion model approach you can find her information at this website
 Senior pictures can be taken just about most of the year, but June through October is our busiest season. Sessions (especially weekends and evenings) fill up quickly. Reserve your time slot by booking your senior portrait shoot today!

Shoots are fun and relaxed. You will get directions and coaching from Jamil former international runway model about posing, but everything is really natural and easy. Please feel free to bring a friend or guardian along to the session.  There is more Information at the bottom of the page. 

Contact us Mailing Address: A 1 Tulsa Photo 1849 East 58 Street Tulsa Oklahoma 74105 Phone 918 808 6092.

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How to photograph a Tulsa High School Senior for the Yearbook.

Tulsa Edison High School most of the other Tulsa High Schools are the same or similar Please check your individual School
Senior Photos/Senior Salutes – Class of 2022 Your senior year is quickly approaching, and the time has come to think about your senior yearbook photograph. Below is important information about your senior photo for the 2016-2017 school year!
Senior Photo MUST MEET the following specifications to be included in the yearbook: SUBMIT ONE PHOTO THAT MEETS THE FOLLOWING SPECIFICATIONS:
o Girls: Modest dress or top. No strapless or spaghetti strap, and no cleavage.
Clothing shouldbe in accordance with school dress code or dressier.
o Guys: Wear a collared shirt. A t-shirt may only be worn if also wearing a collared jacket, blazer, or sweater.
o On a 
CD, 300 dpi, in JPEG format
o Photo dimensions of 2-1/2”(width) by 3-1/2” (height) with a face size of 1- 1/4 inch from top of the head to bottom of the chin
o Portrait Orientation
last name. first name.jpeg (for example: roberts.jane.jpg)
o LABEL THE CD with the name of SENIOR and PHOTOGRAPHER on the outside of the CD AND on the CD cover
o Students should be in an upright position and angled slightly left or right with hands in lap or on knees.
o Both shoulders must be visible.
should be cropped to just below the chest.
·  Due date for senior photo Check with your school
·  Photo submitted should include the SENIOR SUBJECT ONLY. Photos with best friends and pets are appropriate for Senior Salute ads, so consider purchasing one!
·  Photos should be TAKEN WITH A DIGITAL CAMERA, not with a cell phone. Selfies are for social media not for the 

·  If any of the above specifications are not met, photos will not be accepted.

Why you should hire a professional photographer.

A professional photographer knows how to pose people. Posing their hands, turning their shoulders, getting the just right expression. Professional photographers come up with creative ideas and the ability to execute them. We offer the most creative poses to showcase your personality and best features. When your friends will look at your pictures and say, wow these are AMAZING!"  The cap and gown picture was taken at the Park not in the studio. more information at

Information to remember for you're portrait session

1. Get plenty of rest the night before the photo shoot
2. Watch out for getting a sunburn
3. Plan your wardrobe changes about four works well.
4. Figure out where do you want most of your pictures at the park, Studio, or downtown, maybe all three. And we will schedule the time accordingly.
5. Watch out about getting a sunburn
6. I am an expert at posing but you may have seen some unique ones that you like and we would like to try them also.
7. Be careful with your clothes no wrinkles please hang them if you can, WE have a changing tent.
8. Personalize your photos with props I will bring some props we need you to bring some also.
9. Help your glasses avoid glare if you wear classes that are heavily corrected it is recommended to go to your optometrist and have the lens removed.
10. Be sure your hands are presentable they will be included in some of the close up shots.
11. Practice your facial expressions; seriously practice your smile in front of the mirror to see how much your eyes squint with a little practice you can keep your eyes wide open and still smile and we definitely want some smiling pictures.
12. Bring someone with you a friend or a parent an extra set of eyes might catch something that I have missed.

Folio's are very popular Many Tulsa Studios do not offer them

Round corner die cut wallets

Tulsa yearbook picture instructions below please read.

One of the things that we do best is make everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera as a result of this we are able to capture the true essence of your personality and character. Your session Is designed for you and is created to make you look your best this is a priority. Because of this you can be assured the final output will meet your expectations.

For a consultation and Information Call John 918 808 609

Additional samples  can be found at this link.

For a short time I will add a Studio session at no extra charge I need some new samples, senior guys with Coat and tie, senior girls with a pretty dress I will add 1 8x10 an 8 free wallets from the studio session to your package this is for the 2017 seniors when I get the samples I want I will delete this post. Repeat this is a free session and  prints are free, good for you and good for me.

One of three large professional photographing areas with the right lighting and backgrounds. Tulsa Senior portraits at a bargan price.

What a way to start off the weekend it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day, with this beautiful senior girl to be photographed how could I ask for more. We had the privilege of photographing Catherin  she is attending Edison High School and she is full of life. Her plans are to attend RSU after graduation. Catherin wanted some outdoors portraits to include natural scenes as well as some downtown pictures. We had photographed Catherin down by a petty creek that apparently was just right for that golden light moment. She was awesome and did a great job, and a quick learner we have many great pictures for her to choose from. Thanks Catherin and May all of your dreams come true! When you are looking for Authentic, Natural, and Contemporary  Photography.  To see proofs from two different senior portrait sessions check out these proofs this one also .

 We are committed to providing you with beautiful portraits to last a lifetime.

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We may be the only studio that provides a changing tent for on location seniors pictures. It sure beats rumbling around in the back seat of a car.