The high-altitude images from Helicopter low altitude images are from my Drone.

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Aerial Photography Tulsa Oklahoma:  John Shoemaker Provides aerial and architectural photography for construction progress, design firms, real state, oil and gas, events, and more.



Tulsa aerial photography I only use a fixed wing airplane as a last resort they can only legally fly so low and this is often still too high to get really good aerials. A helicopter is the best choice for really good aerials. But my  new state-of-the-art best you can buy drone is a very close second at one-third of the price it is Tulsa's best bargain finally a drone camera that can make crystal clear pictures 20" X 30"

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Tulsa aerial photography by John Shoemaker. Tulsa skyline aerial pictures of downtown Tulsa Oklahoma. More samples of Tulsa downtown aerial Photography by John Shoemaker photographing real estate property for advertising with the Tulsa skyline in the background.

A 1 Tulsa Photo Aerial Photography operates out of the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, serving the Tulsa and Broken Arrow area, providing Aerial Photography Services. Aerial Photography is useful for advertising, marketing, Internet presentations, Real Estate and commercial progress reports for month-to-month progress documentation, planning, and decision-making. Prices start at 150.00

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 Here are some relevant facts that will help Tulsa Aerial drone operators.
1 Can not fly zones in Oklahoma,  Oklahoma state statute Section 3 - 322. critical infrastructure facilities bordered by a fence this includes refineries, electric power generating facilities, chemical plants, water intake structures, Natural Gas compression stations, Telecommunications wireless communication, inner structure Port facilities, railroad switching yards, Natural Gas Distribution, and Airports.
2  Maximum altitude 400 feet.
3 Maximum Drone weight 55 lb
4 Dorne pilots must be 16 years old.
5 Daylight flight hours 30 minutes before and after sunrise.
5 Drone speed limited to 100 miles an hour.
6 Drones may not fly over people.
7 Drones may not fly closer than 5 miles from airports.
More information on the flying drone can be found here.
The Special Rule for Model Aircraft (P.L. 112-95, Section 336) (PDF) provides the definition and operating rules for flying a model aircraft.
Note: Model aircraft operators that comply with all of these operational requirements during flight do not have to register their UAs with the FAA.