John Shoemaker an architectural and interior design photographer based in Tulsa Oklahoma specializing in commercial and industrial photography for advertising. Keywords Tulsa OK.  Architecture, photographer, photography, commercial, digital images, advertising, high resolution, professional, award-winning, trustworthy, over 30 years, certified. 

The things that we do in Photoshop that makes the final image ready for magazine reproduction, is correct the vertical distortion make the outside more desirable add ​an image to the large monitor if this was your project you would be proud to show the picture on the right it takes a little more time but well worth the effort. This is a website that shows how we make our images 

Tulsa commercial photographer John Shoemaker had a number of problems to make this fine image, time of day, interior lighting and the big sign on top did not want to read it was burnt out white. These problems were over come with photoshop.

John Shoemaker is a certified P.P. of A Master of Photography (M.Photog.) Awarded for superior photographic skills—demonstrated through the PPA International Photographic Competition, advanced education and service to the industry. John’s 26 exhibition merits were all competition merits none
were Speaking or Service merits

The Hampton Inn was so happy with the large 48x72 prints they hired John to photograph the exterior.

We are Professional photographers based in Tulsa Oklahoma and Planners. Through a carefully planning, we help our clients create images that are both functional and beautiful. We work with our clients to select just the right angle, time of day that reflect your projectin just the right light. Our photographers strives to make the perfect picture. Thoughtful use of photoshop and lightroom are key to producing a image reflects your skill and creative  At A 1 Tulsa Photo we believe that given the same subject no one will produce a finer image for the customer.

The large color images are 48"X72" from the A 1 Tulsa Photo stock image flle.

The Mayo hotel a 19-story tower was the tallest building in Oklahoma when opening in 1925, which is also a shining example of the Mayo brothers' foresight and uncompromising attention to detail, boasting the most modern amenities of its time including 600 rooms each with ceiling fans and Tulsa's first running ice water.

TULSA PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHER John Shoemaker is best known for his fine stock photography of Tulsa for print, media, website, and decorative wall art Tulsa interior Photographer. Tulsa architectural Photographey.

Every Thing cleaned  up and the chairs correctly arranged,

Even when we add lighting it looks natural.

Whenever selecting your photographer compare apples to apples

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Tulsa Architectural Design Photography and Architecture Photographer. A 1 Tulsa Photo is Tulsa's finest and affordable Photographer for Commercial & Industrial Business, Corporate  Advertising, Stock Photography Images and website,  Web and Print Media. Professional Photography Tulsa Oklahoma. Tulsa skyline pictures 918 808 6092