Places to photograph On Britton Road, just east of Western Avenue, John Dunning is restoring the classic Owl Courts Motel.   Around the corner on Western is Dunning's Western Trail Trading Post. Browse the Route 66.

Ann's Chicken Fry. There's a great Elvis mural on the side of the building. Very fitting with the pink Cadillac parked Oklahoma City 4106 NW 39th St, Oklahoma City.

National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, Okla.  largest neon. 1920s Filling Station, Historic Route 66, Luther, Oklahoma 
Indian Trading Post in Calumet, Oklahoma west of OKC The Chandler Route 66 Interpretive Center. Historic Route 66, Luther, Oklahoma 4 way road sign


Welcome to our Oklahoma route 66 photo gallery. Tulsa is considered the midpoint on the Mother Road. The bridge over Route 66, the Cyrus Avery Memorial Bridge, and the plaza with its sculptures and flags are some of the best photo opportunities that you will fine on this historical road. Tulsa is a Must Stop Destination For Those Touring Route 66 some of the things to see The Desert hills motel, Golden driller, the blue whale near Catoosa is just a little east of Tulsa. You can’t miss the massive Meadow Gold sign, It was saved from demolition by a team of concerned Tulsa citizens. A Route 66 icon of roadside is Totem Pole Park features the world's largest totem pole located just east of Foyil OK. And there is Pop’s  recognized by the the giant 66 ft. pop bottle with dazzling LED light show out front. The historic Round Barn was built in 1898 by William Odor, Located at Arcadia, Oklahoma