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John Shoemaker Tulsa photographer has been photographing models for modeling agencies for a long time and can show you the short cuts to get to the top and which modeling agencies that will represent you to your best advantage. Do you think a dark grungy (under exposed) messy hair slumped over Black and White pictures is what a advertising art director wants to bring to his client? These are fun to shoot but produce very little work.  

Jamil Gotcher is our fashion and model photographer Jamil was a real international model and knows what it takes. Jamil modeled in Dallas, Chicago, New York, Paris ect ect She is the real deal and made most of these photographs possible. Jamil has her own website and you can find it here. http://www.jamilgotcherphotography.com/

Let's talk about getting jobs and making money not Modeling to show friends I'm a model.

An advertising agency has a client say a casino or bank that has a new campaign they need models for. They meet with the client and have a discussion about the new campaign what they are trying to promote make a story board. Next they need to select some models. They pick models from a website and or comp card to come in for an interview. If your online modeling portfolio has dark grungy black & white funky looking poses you are eliminated, there are plenty other models that do not need imagination to see what they look like. One of your images needs to be a smile 75% of the images used will be smiling. There is more information Contact us for a consultation you will not be sorry.


​Here is some honest advice when dealing with a modeling Agency take a good look before you sign a contract once you sign there is no getting out.  Be sure the contract is for the Tulsa area and if you move out of state you are free to sign with a new agent.   Hopefully Tulsa is just a steppingstone before move on to bigger and greater opportunities.  Often being a freelance model while you test the waters works out well. It is our intention to help you offer a better product and a better experience with out the entanglement of a Full service agency.

  We are experience Fashion photographers with a Great track record in Tulsa Oklahoma Fashion industry.

  I believe that with some great photography you can test the Oklahoma modeling market and see if this is the career that you want to pursue and if you are qualified. You will find that modeling is more work than you ever dreamed and it is a extremely competitive market.  We think you will have a edge when you go out and represent your self.  The big picture is an agency with 50 other models will not work as hard for you as you will work for yourself.

 Knowing what to expect when entering the world of modeling can help prepare you to become a model. A lot people want to be a model because it's glamorous and lucrative, they forget like any other career the successful people find out it comes down to a lot of work.

 On the positive side successful models spend their time doing something that they love.
Modeling tips

 l   Where do you fit in as a model not all female models need me be 5’8 to 5’11 the runway models do.  So you’re shorter there are plenty of other modeling types like print models or editorial model.

 l   Most Male models are between 5’10 and 6’2 there are exceptions.

l Be fit and healthy, eat healthy foods organic if you can’t afford them plenty of veggies, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats, and proteins making up the basics of your. Avoid soda pop and beer they don’t calling it a beer gut for nothing, drink plenty of water.

l   Exercise regularly. Fitness it is important have a routine of every other day spending an hour working out.  Considering working with a trainer for a couple of months to develop a routine I can’t stress enough this is a job not just a fun thing that you like to do.

 l   You’re appearance is very important you should look Will groom and healthy.  Learning what to wear and how you look on go see’s is very important don’t just show up.

 l   The first impression is so very important and your attitude should be upbeat and I’m happy to be here.

l   How do you look there are opportunities for the man or girl net door look or the sophisticated, European, cool dude, and many other styles that can lead to other opportunities.

 l    Learn and Educate your self about modeling thru articles and blogs like how to pose, walk on the runway what to bring too bring modeling shoot extra accessories and shoes that’s the stylist may not have.

  l    Modeling is a difficult road success comes with patience and perseverance being good looking does not always equate to success, attitude just as important offering un ask for advice and saying things like when I was miles modeling for so-and-so they weren’t doing it like this may well led to the last time you model for them and get you some negative feedback to your agency. 

Tulsa modeling agency; models and fashion

Tulsa modeling agency photographers; models and fashion